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Tattooing at Sugar City Tattoo in Crocket CA in the East Bay near San Francisco

    I wanted to say thank you to Off The Map tattoo, Sweetwater Collective, and Rogue Tattoo for the guest spot opportunities.  Thank you for the hospitality and the awesome people I was able to meet and tattoo, looking forward to going back.  I am currently working at Sugar City Tattoo with my fiance Kristina Bennet.  As of now, this is our current permanent location, if you are interested in being tattooed please email me through my website here, Kristina through  or through the Sugar City Tattoo website. We will still travel a little bit but if you would like to get tattooed sooner than later- it is an awesome place to visit and get tattooed.  Thanks!





Huge thank you to Off the Map Tattoo and Sugar City Tattoo for having us out for guest spots.  Thanks to everyone who got tattooed and for the hospitality!  Looking forward to coming back. 

San Francisco- we will be back in the East Bay area at Sugar City Tattoo late June, July and will keep yu posted for exact dates.  Email or for appointments.   



Off The Map guest spot May 2-16th!

I will be at Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton Mass May 2nd-16th along with the amazing Kristina Bennett.  Email me your ideas and call the shop at 413-527-6574 to book your appointments.Thanks


Travel Dates Jan/Feb 2016

Travel dates!!!

Jan  7-13th @ Harbor Tattoo in Brookings, OR

Call the shop (541) 251-7713 to book an appointment and please email me what you would like as well.


Jan 14-16th @ Sweetwater Collective in Jacksonville, OR

Call the shop (541) 702-2439 to book an appointment and please email me what you would like as well. 


Jan 25-Feb 15th @ Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, Ma

Call the shop (413) 527-6574 to book an appointment and pleast email me what you would like as well. 




July guest spot at Off the Map

     I will be tattooing all of July at Off the Map tattoo in Easthampton Mass.  A good part of it is already booked up but I would love to do some Bio Mech/Bio Organic, Skulls and other darker imagery, as well as the colorful realsitic flowers and insect type tattoos!  Send me a message via the contact page and lets get some of those done!



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